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Angli helnii yarianii clubiin 7 dahi udaagiin uulzaltiin hutulbur

Posted by purevdash on September 21, 2009

Zaluusiin chuluut tsagiig zuv bolovson unguruuleh, Angli helnii medlegiig deeshluuleh zorilgoor Gegeen undarga holboonoos zohion baiguuldag 7 dahi udaagiin Angli helnii yarianii clubt ta buhniig hureltsen irehiig urij bna.

Program of English speaking club
12.00-12.30 Registration & Greeting
12.30-13.00 Speaker: David Lambert / Teacher of Raffles International Institute/
Topic: About IELTS examination
13.00-13.40 English lesson / The best of American Idioms / 13.40-14.00 Learning a song /You are my life by Michael Jackson/
14.00-15.00 Make a speech one by one 15.00-15.20 Funny time 15.20-15.40 Quiz / Question and answer/
15.40-16.40 Discussion / Some high schools require all students to wear school uniforms. Other high schools permit students to decide what to wear to school. Which of these two school policies do you think is better? /

Зохион байгуулагч: Гэгээн Ундарга холбоо

Холбогдох утас: 88110965, 88088142

Хаана: Хартфорт Институти /Хуучнаар хит-1/

Хэзээ: 2009 оны 09 сарын 26 өдөр

Хэдэн цагт: 12:00 цагт

4 Responses to “Angli helnii yarianii clubiin 7 dahi udaagiin uulzaltiin hutulbur”

  1. davaanyam said

    hi bi unuudur l gegeeneer hesej bgaad iim club bdgiig medlee. ta buhnii uil ajillagaa ih taalagdlaa. daraagiin uulzalt hezee boloh we? tesen yadan huleel baiy. mun uulzalt boloh talaar gishuuddee @.r yawuuldag uu? hariu husiy

  2. Purevdash said

    Angli helnii yarianii clubiin 8 dahi udaagiin uulzalt ene sariin 10-nii udur 12 tsagt Hartfort institute deer bolno. Margaash hutulburuu niit gishuuded bolon tand mail-eer yvuulah bno.

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