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10th English speaking club meeting-09/Jan/2010

Posted by purevdash on January 5, 2010

From:  http://www.gegeen.net/events/angli-helnij-yariany

Англи хэлний ярианы клуб-09/Jan/2010-nd odriin 12pm-d Raffles Institute buyu huuchnaar XID1-deer.

http://alimaa.wordpress.com -n ezen Teamwork-Key to Success sedveer yaria hiij, hogjoont togloom togluulna.

Welcome to Gegeen Undarga kholboo’s 10th English speaking club meeting dedicated to development of youth’s english language knowledge and spend time effectively

Program of English speaking club
12.30-12.50 Registration & Greeting
12.50-13.30 Speaker: Ms Alimaa / Ph.D student in Australia on ALA – Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship/
Topic: Teamwork – key to success
13.30-14.10 Discussion / unforgetful and the happiest moment of my life /
14.10-14.20 Funny time
14.20-14.40 Quiz / Questions and answers/
14.40-15.40 Argument /Would you prefer to choose e-teaching or a real teacher?/
15.40-16.00 Team game

Organizer: Gegeen Undarga Kholboo

Phone: 88110965, 88088142

Where: Hartfort Institute

When: 09/Jan/2010

What time: 12:30 clock

99760522, gegeen-owner@yahoogroups.com

Time: January 9, 2010 from 12pm to 3pm
Location: Raffles Institute buyu huuchnaar XID1-deer.
Website or Map: http://www.gegeen.com
Phone: 99760522
Event Type: english, club
Organized By: www.gegeen.com

2010 onii 01 sariin 09-nii Hagas saind 12 tsagaas Raffles Institute deer uulzatsgaaya. UTAS: 99760522.

Alimaa egch maani taanuust maash TOM surprise barih gej bgaa shoo! beltgeltei bgaarai.

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2 Responses to “10th English speaking club meeting-09/Jan/2010”

  1. yeah, i’m flattered by alimaa’s visit 2 the English speaking club on 10/Jan/2009 at Raffless regardless of the freezing weather in UB. enjoyed her company there and am happy 4 all the guys, came yesterday.

    fun photos r on its way. tnx 2 u guys. GGN Undarga Kholboo NGO guys are so cute and happy. Гэрлийг биd хайхгүй, биd өөрsdөө гэрэлтэнэ..

  2. Uurtsah said

    Tanai english speaking club minii sonirhliig tataj bn. Tanai yarianii club ni buh hund neelttei yu eswel yamar neg shaardlaga hangah yostoi yu? Bas tulburtei yu? Edgeer asuultand hariulj ugnu uu bayarlalaa

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